We help our customers to kickstart their video marketing strategy and help their brands reach the target audience effectively.

What we believe

Customer experience

We put attention on the entire customer journey and ensure a positive experience as our promise.

Customer’s success

We love seeing our customers grow and their investments yield results.


We uphold honesty, honour, and truthfulness.

Continuous improvement

We are committed to being better in the ever-changing environment.

collaboration & teamwork

We listen, evolve together and support each other for the collective goal.

Creativity & Innovation

We embrace diverse perspectives and new ideas from our team to fuel better services and innovative solutions.

How we started

Prior to Six Twenty Media, we were in regional B2B sales and business development roles for almost ten years. Since the outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020 and international travel restriction, we could not go on business trips and visit customers.

Like many others, we had to use online tools, such as conference calls, webinars, and virtual workshops to communicate with our customers. After a few months, we realised that we were repeating the same presentations to different customer groups, and it’s time-consuming and less effective. Sometimes, it was difficult for us to accommodate a suitable meeting schedule with the customers. Occasionally, there were disruptions due to Internet connection or technical issues.

So, we were looking for a more effective way to connect with our clients and we started creating marketing video for our products. With the marketing videos and sales tools, we could promote our products and communicate with our customers more effectively.

After getting positive results, we decided to establish Six Twenty Media and collaborated with a few friends who are professional videographer, animator and graphic designer. With our experience in sales and business development, we managed to help many customers including scientific companies and MNC to create their product explainer videos and corporate videos.

Maximize your branding

We work with businesses to design, create and utilize videos as the marketing strategy to promote products and services to their target audience.