Our Services

We provide marketing videos and solutions that align with your commercial goals, timeline, and budget.

Animation video

  • Simpler to understand 
  • Better engagement and information retention 
  • Viewers tend to share to friends/ co-workers
  • Suitable for explainer, training, demonstration videos 

Product Explainer video

  • Includes features, benefits, and product details
  • Provides answers for common questions 
  • Highlight reasons why customers should choose your product or services

Product Teaser video

  • Short video used to build anticipation of your product
  • Provides concise information
  • Focuses on top benefits 
  • To be shared and distributed before product launch or as product preview

Corporate Branding video

  • Highlights the values and culture of your company
  • Builds customer trust and brand awareness
  • Helps attract new talent 

Demonstration video

  • Shows how to use your product
  • Best for products with many uses, specific function, or complicated features
  • Can highlight unique features of your product

training/ instruction video

  • Saves time & resources, can be used repeatedly for different groups
  • Flexible and can be customized according to your training programme
  • Increased information retention 

Interview Video

  • Can be used for external or internal communication purpose
  • Reflects company’s values, talents, capabilities and commitments

Event Coverage

  • The better way to document an important event
  • Creates brand awareness
  • Improve corporate image and branding

Walkthrough Video

  • Highlights the selling points of a property and nearby amenity
  • Gives an accurate feel for how the home would look
  • Saves time and resources

We Understand You

With years of experience in B2B & B2C business development in the region, we know what it takes to market your products.

Tailor-made Solution

 We customize marketing tools according to your requirements, goal, timeline, and budget.

Value-added Options

Whether your budget is big or small, we can provide a unique range of solutions to kickstart your marketing campaign.

Multiple Languages

We are able to provide video contents in Malay, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino, and Indonesian languages.

Ready to start your marketing journey with us?